+ HD&C is a full-service graphic design agency specializing in identity design, brochures, fliers, posters, ads, newsletters and anything else you can print.

+ Copy writing services include press releases, web content, brochures, newsletters, articles and social networking. Please contact for information on additional writing services, including marketing and grant writing.

+ Selected outdoor photographic work is accepted. Whenever possible, we also prefer to use our own stock photography to complement your project — original is always better. For example, if your project requires a nature shot, we are happy to take an original photograph if you do not already possess one. If, however, your project requires a nature shot of Hawaii, well, you’d have to pay for us to go to Hawaii. In that case, stock photography sites will be used, most of which have a minimal fee. Photos from the general Internets will not be used because they are a.) someone’s property and b.) usually at an unacceptable resolution.

+ We are available to consult on website design, but at this time, we do not build sites. A web design partnership is in the works.


Please contact us to discuss your project.



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